The latest article in the Toxic Waters Series, “Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act, Foiling E.P. A.”, was published in the New York Times today.  This is stuff you really don’t want to know.  We all want to believe that current regulations protecting our water are adequate and that corporations wouldn’t dump pollutants that could harm our drinking water quality.  Unfortunately, neither is true.

There are an increasing number of Clean Water Act violations and at the same time fewer and fewer enforcement actions by the E.P.A.  The Clean Water Act has jurisdiction over all “navigable waters”, but the term was not clearly defined and it’s scope has been shrinking over the decades.  What we do know, is that pollution dumped into waterways does find its way into people’s drinking water via ground water migration and surface water movement.   Pollutants do not simply “stay put” nor do they just “disappear”. 

Congress needs to put aside its “Toxic Politics” and act to protect our drinking water from worsening levels of pollution.  Do we want to become solely reliant on ridiculously inefficient bottled water?  Tell your Senators and Representatives to support the Clean Water Restoration Act or you’ll vote them out in November!