Recycling is good but re-using is better. That’s the new trend for 2010.

Now more than ever students are starting to realize that they cannot just keep creating more and more garbage – the average student creates 67 pounds of garbage a year by bringing in a disposable lunch – that’s 18,760 pounds of garbage for an average sized elementary school every year!

Even with the best recycling efforts in place, the supply of recycled materials far exceeds the demand.  Almost 80% of disposable plastic bottles end up in landfills. Not to mention the unnecessary waste associated with the production and distribution of disposable plastic bottles – it takes three bottles of water and a half a cup of oil to make and ship just one disposable plastic bottle of water. Also, there is a swirling mass of disposable plastic garbage twice the size of Texas floating in the North Pacific Ocean – further evidence that recycling isn’t working.

But there is a better way. Back2Tap now offers reusable sandwich wraps and snack pouches in addition to reusable stainless steel bottles so schools can encourage completely litter-less lunches. Back2Tap helped one school in NJ with its first “Waste-less Wednesday” and cut lunch room garbage in half!

Reusable sandwich wrap and bottle make a litter-less lunch.

Reusable bottles helped reduce waste at Washington Avenue School.

With over 69 million students in the United States, if just 10% of them made the switch to Reusable bottles and sandwich wraps, almost 1 billion disposable plastic bottles and 2 billion plastic baggies would be kept out of landfills every school year. Together we can all make a difference, one school at a time! 

If you’d like more information about running a Back2Tap Litter-less Lunch campaign, contact or call 866-228-3453.