Trying to sum up Back2Tap‘s company mission in a single word, we arrived at the following neologism: REUSOLUTION. It fits because we’re all about re-use, inciting a revolution against waste, offering solutions, and of course, resolving to do better. So, in honor of the New Year, we’d like to share our “reusolutions” for reducing disposable plastic in 2010:

Custom logoed stainless steel bottles

1. Reusable bottles for drinks on the go.

2. Reusable sandwich wraps and snack pouches for litter-less lunches.

3. Reusable grocery bags and produce bags to keep in the trunk of your car.

4. Reusable bags that are compact enough to fit into your purse or pocket for small purchases.

5. Reusable coffee mugs to take with you to the coffee shop or work.

Reusable sandwich wrap

6. Reusable cloths and rags for cleaning up the kitchen and the rest of the house.

7. Reusable cloth napkins with napkin rings for each member of your household.

8. Reusable containers for bringing food home from restaurants and to parties.

Reusable snack pouches

There is a vast array of reusable products that can help make disposable plastic a thing of the past in your home. Please share your REUSOLUTIONS with us by leaving a comment!