1 Billion.  That is the number of disposable plastic bottles that could be kept out of landfills every year if just 10% of the students in the US, K-12, would switch to reusable bottles.   This number is hard to believe and hard to visualize, but we’ve crunched the numbers and it’s true.   The  solution to this staggering amount of plastic waste is to reuse.   By getting your children’s school to promote reusable bottles, you can help them “Join the Reusolution” and save that billion bottles.

Eliminating 10% of the disposable plastic bottles used by school children would also save  31 million gallons of oil, almost 400 million gallons of water, and 12 billion balloons worth (or 120 billion grams) of CO2 each year.  The resources it takes to make these bottles is surprising, especially when you add them all up.

Collectively, parents would save over $25 million dollars in the first year by switching to tap waterbased drinks from single serving drinks in disposable plastic bottles.  This more than justifies the purchase of good quality reusable bottles.

To foster completely litter-less lunches, Back2Tap is offering reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags as well as custom-logoed stainless steel bottles for your school’s green fundraiser this year.  Save money, save the planet  – Join the Reusolution!