OK, I haven’t seen the movie “The Age of Stupid” yet, and from the looks of it, it won’t be easy to find it in a theatre nearby for quite a while, if ever.  There are so many interesting eco-films out there  that never come to a theatre near me.  What’s up with that?  In this day and age, it seems downright ridiculous and wrong to drive 45 minutes on a highway to see a movie, especially a green flick!

I’ve read three reviews of this movie so far this week:  one says it’s overboard gloomy, one says it’s a wake up call, and one reports that it has already inspired a huge greenhouse gas reduction campaign in Great Britain called 10:10 (reduce emissions by 10% by 2010 – that would be in a few months!).

As a co-founder of Back2Tap, I figure I’ve got to see “The Age of Stupid”  because it rails on people who think they are green simply because they recycle their disposable plastic bottles.   The movie makes the point that it isn’t going to be as simple as recycling more or buying organic.  We’re going to have to “reinvent” the way we live in order to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Thankfully, there is one lifestyle change we can all make without much effort – the way we drink water and use disposable plastic bottles.  Tap water takes 800 times less energy to deliver than bottled water according to “The Age of Stupid.”    We can all drink tap water from reusable bottles instead of bottled water and significantly reduce our waste of resources and carbon footprint.  That is the primary message Back2Tap shares with schools, groups, and anyone who will listen.   Join our Reusolution!