Here is a win-win: invest in green jobs and upgrade our water infrastructure (the water lines and treatment facilities).  Looking For a Green Job? Grab Your Rain Boots explains that about $6 billion of the stimulus package money is targeted for water projects.  This is good for the economy in the short term because it will employ people and good for our pocketbooks in the long run because it will keep the cost of our drinking water down.  The alternative, bottled water, costs as much as 1000 times more than tap water!  Americans spent $66 billion on bottled water in 2007.  This prudent investment in local water-related projects is urgently needed to maintain the quality of our tap water

Can you imagine a day when we have to buy bottled water because our water lines are too leaky, our water plants are too outdated to provide clean drinking water, and our sewage isn’t treated thoroughly before being discharged to our rivers, lakes, and oceans?   We’re going to end up there if we don’t invest this money and even more in our water infrastructure.   Look what happened in New Orleans when they didn’t upgrade the levees that engineers said were inadequate?  Global warming was not the primary cause of the Katrina catastrophe; lack of investment to upgrade the levees allowed them to be breached and the city to be flooded so badly.  It was a man-made disaster.  Let’s listen to what the engineers are saying about our water systems! 

In the long run, these water-related projects will be a lot cheaper and less wasteful than relying on bottled water for our drinking water needs.  These are green jobs we’ll be drinking to in the future!