It is commonly believed that most disposable plastic water bottles are recycled and reused.   In fact, close to 80% of used water bottles end up in the trash that piles up in our landfills.  By switching from bottled water to tap water, we can help reduce the number of plastic bottles that get tossed into the trash.   On average, there are 137 million plastic bottles that get thrown into the trash every day.   That is enough, laid end to end to reach China and back. 

Back2Tap makes it easier to turn away from bottled water with their stainless steel reusable water bottles.   Consider the number of water bottles that you have used in your life until this point.   Now consider how many more water bottles you have the potential to use throughout the rest of your life.   With the help of a stainless steel reusable water bottle, you can eliminate 100% of your future disposable plastic water bottle usage and do your part in helping rid the environment of the millions of plastic bottles that are dumped in our landfills every day.