Environmentalism is a social movement which strives to preserve our natural resources and influence people to take steps to minimize the damage that we inflict on the Earth every day.   Almost every major industry (including automobile, airline, public service, and household product companies) has made changes to their operations in order to function in ways that are more “green”.   Even some of the companies that produce bottled water have taken action to have less of an effect on the environment by using less plastic per bottle.   However, the strongest impact on the environment does not stem from the corporations, but from the individual.  

There are many misconceptions regarding the effects of drinking bottled water as opposed to tap water.    Many people believe that it is healthier to drink bottled water than it is to drink tap water.   This is not correct.   Tap water is highly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency whereas the production of bottled water is supervised by the Food and Drug Administration and is not subject to the strict regulations that tap water must satisfy.   There is also a common false assumption that bottled water comes from mountain springs which makes it better regarding both taste and health, when almost half of the water than gets commercially bottled is simply filtered tap water.  Many people prefer bottled water because it is flavored when, in actuality, filtering and flavoring tap water is easy and inexpensive compared to buying bottles of flavored water.   Back2Tap’s stainless steel reusable water bottles offer the individual an opportunity to reduce his or her impact on the environment as well as save money by drinking tap water when on the go.