Earth Day has an almost religious quality about it this year.  Never before have I been known to shout Happy Earth Day to everyone I greet, nor have I ever been known to sign my emails with this wish.  What is going on?

My having spent the better part of this past year co-founding a green business, Back2Tap, may explain some of this, but I think there is more to it.   At a sustainability conference I attended at Rowan University recently, one corporate sustainability manager called it the “green tsunami“.  He may be right – like a real tsumani, this “wave” of environmentalism has  indeed  covered the land with a new rich “soil” which will increase productivity during the next “growing season”.  

The corporate world is working hard to green up all aspects of its operations, Obama is turning out to be a truly green president, and people are flocking to green events and joining green social networking sites on-line.  There is plenty to celebrate this year: Earth Day is becoming mainstream and it’s not just on April 22 anymore!