In addition to reducing waste and pollution, using  reusable bottles can definitely save you money.  The average person will save at least $34/year and the average family of four will save at least $136/year.  Here are the top ten ways to make those savings pile up fast:

10. Send your children to school with tap water in reusable bottles instead of  bottled water for their snacks and lunches.

9. Pack a drink with your brown bag lunch to eat at work.

8. Bring reusable bottles for everyone on car trips so you don’t have to buy overpriced drinks at rest stops.

7. When going to exercise, make your own sports drinks using powdered concentrate.

6. Fill bottles with tap water for the whole family when you head to the beach, mountains, museum, or amusement park  for the day.

5. Send your kids with extra bottles of water to all day events, meets, and tournaments in case tap water isn’t readily available. 

4. When you’re on the go running errands for several hours, bring a drink in your reusable bottle to keep your thirst quenched.

3. Don’t forget to bring water for yourself when you’re going to watch your children compete.

2. Bring your own margaritas or favorite mixed drink in your reusable bottle when you dine at BYOB restaurants.

1. Although I’ve certainly never done this, you could sneak your own tap water into the movies in small reusable containers.

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