Brian Lehrer of WNYC has been asking his listeners to share stories about  uncommon economic indicators so I’ve been on the lookout for them in my daily life. 

The most unusual and telling Super Bowl commercial this year was the Avon recruiting commercial.  Trolling for door to door household product salespeople during the Super Bowl?  Avon must figure there are a lot of people (men and women) looking for extra income or a job they can’t get laid off from to justify paying 1 million dollars for that 30 second spot. 

I’ve noticed people brown bagging it more often.  I used to eat lunch with my book group at a restaurant on Fridays.  Now, most of us can’t meet because we are working and don’t feel that we can break for a lunch that could take, well usually takes, more than an hour.  On special occasions when we do get together, we meet at someone’s house with our brown bag lunches instead of at a restaurant. 

There’s also the increased popularity of reusable bottles and the expanded concentrated drink mix section at the super market.   People are bringing tap water in reusable containers to school and work as well as on road trips, errands, and when they exercise.   They are also mixing their own drinks at home.  This may be primarily driven by people’s concern for the planet, but I think it is also driven by an economic reality – tap water is far cheaper than bottled water and mixing your own drink is cheaper than buying it already prepared. 

Please feel free to share your own “uncommon economic indicators” especially if they cross over to “eco-consciousness”.   Visit our website to learn more about our stainless steel reusable bottles or about running a Back2Tap reusable bottle fundraiser:   Back2Tap.