Precycling.  A new term I just read on used to describe the concept of choosing goods with less packaging waste.  It falls under the concept of “reducing” in the EPA’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle slogan, but I like the “pre” part of it.    This reminds us that we are supposed to consider the waste implications before we buy something. 

These days there are so many choices – especially at the grocery store.   You can buy packaged food as single servings or in containers large enough to serve an army.    Last summer, I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful family of four from Venezuala.  Veronica, the mother, stunned me when she mentioned that preparing meals for her family in the US generated four times more garbage than preparing the same meals back home.  I still can’t quite imagine how they do it, and I’m sure she can’t quite imagine why we are so wasteful.   Clearly, we have a long way to go toward reducing waste in this nation, but precycling is certainly a good step we can take as individuals right away.

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