People often ask me which is safer – bottled water or tap water?  It may surprise you to learn that bottled water is not necessarily cleaner than tap water.  In spite of pervasive marketing  messages suggesting that it is better for you, it isn’t always.   Bottled water is regulated by the FDA and testing requirements are not as stringent as for tap water.   Spring water is the least thoroughly regulated water on the market. 

Tap water, on the other hand, is strictly regulated by the EPA.  Public access to detailed drinking water quality reports is manditory.   If you’d like to find out more about the water quality in your community, you can visit the Safewater page on the EPA website and click over to the Local Drinking Water Quality page and search by your zip code. 

If you want to find out what’s in your bottled water, forget it – it’s apparently none of your business!