The trustees of the London School Board are considering banning bottled water from vending machines in their school district.  During their deliberations, they raised valid points about the importance of offering and implementing solutions before “banning” bottled water.   First, they need to ensure that there are enough working water fountains or water coolers.  In the wake of the bottled water epidemic, many fountains have not been properly maintained.  The students need to be educated so they understand that switching to another drink in a single serving disposable plastic bottle is not a suitable alternative for the planet or for their health.  Lastly, reusable bottles should be made available to the students to make it easy for them to bring tap water or other drinks from home and to refill their bottles with tap water at school. 

 This Back2Tap movement is a win-win for the planet and for people’s wallets.  To read more about how one company is encouraging schools across the United States to get Back2Tap and to raise money  in the process, visit